Thursday, February 10, 2011

Salam everyone!! Here is another poem written by me which i personally think that making decision in term of choosing your leader is a serious matter.. i mean u r not only voting for someone to lead, but u r voting for someone to alleviate the burden that people around him is facing at the moment.. n u can apply this not  only for the big election (pilihanraya umum) but  u can always apply this in any situation that force u to vote.(pilih mpp ke, plih ketua darjah ke, pilih class rep ke..) :) in any situation that is appropriate.. so as usual.. i choose to write it as a poem! :)

Election Day

Here comes the day,
That brings the people there,
Not to fight over Blair,
Or get the fresh air,
They have a mission,
That need to be accomplish
Or, they need to demolish,
On what people call as rubbish

Come people, now line up,
And give your thumbs up,
Green, blue and white,
You may choose what you like,
Don’t be bias,
This is serious,

Not a joke,
Or I try to provoke.
Forget the rumors,
And don’t go for famous,
They will give you shit,
Instead of lead.

it look n sounds very simple but i believe u get i mean.. :)
Happy reading!


  1. nice poem,
    but u might change the word "the" to "a" mission in line 5,
    but yet its still sounds good

  2. thanx for the visit n yes ill change it later. tq! :)