Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Salam everyone!

So long.. Haih.. been busy with few things and today I want to share one novel written by Rani Manicka. This book was suggested by another book worm! Yes she is! It was suggested by Anis Sabryna :) back in 2009 if Im not mistaken. A heart-wrenching novel, worth reading novel and Ill share the synopsis later! :)

This is the new cover version

The old cover version

So here is the synopsis,

Rani Manicka's debut novel is as luscious and mysterious as its Malaysian backdrop—is more than an engrossing family epic. Interweaving magical realism with traditional folklore and studded with an array of evocative motifs, it is a work rich with symbolism. Readers will ponder the special meaning of spiders and birds as well as the colors black and red, and they will wonder what the words "singing bamboo" mean to Lakshmi's family long after finishing the book. Above all, it is a meditation on emotional and psychological wounds that take generations to heal—the consuming nature of repressed grief—and about how even a Rice Mother cannot save her children from savage tragedy.

Let us make reading as our utmost hobby!! :)

Happy Reading
Till we meet again!
Salam. :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Assalamualaikum everyone! :) 

Everyday we meet new people. Many of them become instant acquaintances and most acquaintances bloom into friendship. Often this transition period occurs gradually. Friends come into our lives and go. Few stay a while and fewer still leave footprints in our hearts and in the sand of time. Who is a friend and what are the qualities of an ideal friend should posses? Is he or she who makes you laugh? Is he the person who shares great times with you? Is he the person who features in your happy memories but strangely does not seem to feature even in single sad memory? Many of us think that an ideal friend is the friend who cheers you up when you are feeling down and is always there when you are enjoying yourself. True friendship is demanding. It requires loyalty, trust, empathy, support and understanding. However, one should never expect such virtues in a friend unless she is willing to offer these virtues in return. In other words, one must be a friend to have a friend. In fact, I always believe that ' A Friend In Need is A Friend Indeed'. 
...and to all my friends, I dedicate this poem to all of you, whenever and wherever you are, take this as an advice so that we are more aware of who is our friends 

Friends they come and go, 
They scratch and stab,
They clap and tap,
Today they said you are pretty,
Tomorrow you are witty,
but the next day you are ugly..
Good friend says hey and bye,
Cruel friend gives you the angel lie,
Footprint creates to the hardest cry,
That's how the time flies,
Near or far..I still remember you,
Day and night I know you miss me too :)

-Fatima Wahida-

Asasi TESL, UiTM :)

Badriah n Farhah(Paah)
Tikah n Badriah
Lulu, Aten n Bad

Lulu n Nina

Fiqah, Baby, Maktok, Mieyna, Kak Yong

Romeo and Juliet Team

Anna, Mieyna, Scholas, Baby, Kak Yong, Hada, Fiqah, Maktok


Ya Allah..I don't know of all the challenges my friends are facing, but You know everything!! I hear their silence, You hear their plead. I see them laughing, You see their tears. I see when they give, You see what has been taken from them. I see their appearance, You see the scars in their soul. I experience their faith, You know their doubts. I ask You to give them everything they need & Bless them abundantly for all the times to come... Amin..

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Assalamualikum everyone,,
This poem is written with my deepest condolence to the Japanese people and how I picture a little girl who was happy and glad to have her father with her, enjoying themselves yesterday but today everything has gone and she was left alone, This poem is an attempt to make the reader believe that no one can ever stop the power of our creator as he was the most Almighty.


Tsunami in Japan
Place of spiritual life,
Destroy with pathetic plight,
Struck by tremendous wave,
With no heart could be save,
Buildings that stands strong yesterday,
Collapsed in a day called Friday,
There she saw herself waking,
Giggling and laughing,
Holding hands with him.
He looked at her with love,
She looked at him with tears,
That was the picture of yesterday,
The love is no longer today,
He is now gone forever,
Because of the anger,
That destroys every angle,
Leaves many heart tangle,
The anger of the old earth,
Roar in the angriest mode,
Where never any secret code,
Could decode the power of Lord.

Kemudian setelah itu hati-hati kalian menjadi keras seperti batu, bahkan lebih keras dari itu. Padahal di antara batu itu ada yang mengalir sungai-sungai darinya, dan di antaranya ada yang terbelah lalu keluar air darinya.” (Surat Al Baqarah: 74). 

Happy Reading! Till we meet again :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012


Assalamualaikum everyone! Ok, this will be a bit awkward because its been a while since i updated anything here and its mainly because I accidentally forgot my password! So January has started and for this year let us share more about books! My passion since I was a small kid. Lets be exact here, passion towards reading novels.. Its a journey on different scale of road. Let us make reading as one of our new year resolution. At least a month a book or a week a book! You will love this. :) .. and here are SOME of the collection.. yes.. SOME...


Till we meet again, Assalamualikum.. :)
A month a novel (Sehari sepotong ayat Al-Quran)

Monday, March 21, 2011

I write because i care..

Assalamualikum everyone.. for this entry i would like to share a Malay poem showing some concern to the nature.. simple and i bet u will just understand the meaning by the first hit.. so here it is..


Hijaumu menenangkan jiwa,
Mendamaikan perasaan,
Menghiasi alam pemandangan,
Mengkhayalkan setiap pemikiran.

Oksigenmu disedut,
Tapi kau tak pernah kedekut,
Terus berbakti,
Mengabdikan diri,
Pada manusia yang lupa budi...

Tapi sayangnya,
Semua kehijauan digondolkan,
Demi arus komodenan,
Sang cangkerik berteriakan,
Dek manusia hilang pedoman.

Musnahlah penghias alam,
Hancurlah gedung ilmuwan,
Ranaplah setiap simpanan,
Berakhirlah segala pengharapan,
Dan terus hampa,
Meniti hari-hari kecewa.

Till we meet again.. Assalamualaikum. -Look at the elephant's face-

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hey You....

Assalamualikum everyone!!! i think it has been quite long after the last poem.. for this entry i would like to share a simple lovey 'dovey' poem and nothing much to say for this entry but i hope u will like this :) - I wrote this while waiting for the lecturer to come in the class.. -

Every time you came to me,
My heart beats actively,
I get a tremendous nervous,
and I try to look serious,
Not to smile,
Which obviously a lie,
You touched me on the shoulder,
and I felt a silent thunder,
Strike across heart,
Melt in the name of pride,
The scent of your linger,
The move of your finger,
I hold them tightly in the shadow,
imagine u n me in the meadow.. :)

Till we meet again.. :)

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Changes in Middle East..

Assamualaikum everyone.. for this entry i would like to express my thought about the changes that happened in Middle East.. it is one of my assignment for Critical Appreciation class and i decided to share it here. i wrote this two days ago and i somehow feel that there's something lacking with this.. i don't know.. may be because its a bit emotionless or may be its too stiff or may be because what had happened was too much that i feel it hard to put it in words.. so here it is..

The smell of corruption interrupt the nation,
The scent of delusion disturb the mission,
It occurs abruptly,
It destroy tremendously,
People take the street to emulate,
The social network to demonstrate,
The evidence of democracy, that is too fake;
The dramatic illusion of wisdom,
Behave in a way of terrorism,
Whisper in the ear of victim,
Who failed to digest the conspiracy,
Every effort turn to a letharghic sigh,
in the condition of an effortless plight,
An air of changes fly across cloud,
Arabian celebrates on what should be proud,
From Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya,
They started the mission over the year,
The leader fulfill his selfish desire,
He neglected his own empire,
Hand in hand the nation speaks,
They use the highest pitch,
and everything is on the peak...
The clock is now ticking away,
It is succinct that the leader make his way,
The changes should now smell fresh,
The changes should never crash..

see.. i told u.. something is lacking.. hmm what say u?

Till we meet again.