Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Salam everyone!

So long.. Haih.. been busy with few things and today I want to share one novel written by Rani Manicka. This book was suggested by another book worm! Yes she is! It was suggested by Anis Sabryna :) back in 2009 if Im not mistaken. A heart-wrenching novel, worth reading novel and Ill share the synopsis later! :)

This is the new cover version

The old cover version

So here is the synopsis,

Rani Manicka's debut novel is as luscious and mysterious as its Malaysian backdrop—is more than an engrossing family epic. Interweaving magical realism with traditional folklore and studded with an array of evocative motifs, it is a work rich with symbolism. Readers will ponder the special meaning of spiders and birds as well as the colors black and red, and they will wonder what the words "singing bamboo" mean to Lakshmi's family long after finishing the book. Above all, it is a meditation on emotional and psychological wounds that take generations to heal—the consuming nature of repressed grief—and about how even a Rice Mother cannot save her children from savage tragedy.

Let us make reading as our utmost hobby!! :)

Happy Reading
Till we meet again!
Salam. :)

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