Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Assalamualaikum everyone! :) 

Everyday we meet new people. Many of them become instant acquaintances and most acquaintances bloom into friendship. Often this transition period occurs gradually. Friends come into our lives and go. Few stay a while and fewer still leave footprints in our hearts and in the sand of time. Who is a friend and what are the qualities of an ideal friend should posses? Is he or she who makes you laugh? Is he the person who shares great times with you? Is he the person who features in your happy memories but strangely does not seem to feature even in single sad memory? Many of us think that an ideal friend is the friend who cheers you up when you are feeling down and is always there when you are enjoying yourself. True friendship is demanding. It requires loyalty, trust, empathy, support and understanding. However, one should never expect such virtues in a friend unless she is willing to offer these virtues in return. In other words, one must be a friend to have a friend. In fact, I always believe that ' A Friend In Need is A Friend Indeed'. 
...and to all my friends, I dedicate this poem to all of you, whenever and wherever you are, take this as an advice so that we are more aware of who is our friends 

Friends they come and go, 
They scratch and stab,
They clap and tap,
Today they said you are pretty,
Tomorrow you are witty,
but the next day you are ugly..
Good friend says hey and bye,
Cruel friend gives you the angel lie,
Footprint creates to the hardest cry,
That's how the time flies,
Near or far..I still remember you,
Day and night I know you miss me too :)

-Fatima Wahida-

Asasi TESL, UiTM :)

Badriah n Farhah(Paah)
Tikah n Badriah
Lulu, Aten n Bad

Lulu n Nina

Fiqah, Baby, Maktok, Mieyna, Kak Yong

Romeo and Juliet Team

Anna, Mieyna, Scholas, Baby, Kak Yong, Hada, Fiqah, Maktok


Ya Allah..I don't know of all the challenges my friends are facing, but You know everything!! I hear their silence, You hear their plead. I see them laughing, You see their tears. I see when they give, You see what has been taken from them. I see their appearance, You see the scars in their soul. I experience their faith, You know their doubts. I ask You to give them everything they need & Bless them abundantly for all the times to come... Amin..

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