Sunday, March 20, 2011

Hey You....

Assalamualikum everyone!!! i think it has been quite long after the last poem.. for this entry i would like to share a simple lovey 'dovey' poem and nothing much to say for this entry but i hope u will like this :) - I wrote this while waiting for the lecturer to come in the class.. -

Every time you came to me,
My heart beats actively,
I get a tremendous nervous,
and I try to look serious,
Not to smile,
Which obviously a lie,
You touched me on the shoulder,
and I felt a silent thunder,
Strike across heart,
Melt in the name of pride,
The scent of your linger,
The move of your finger,
I hold them tightly in the shadow,
imagine u n me in the meadow.. :)

Till we meet again.. :)


  1. wooowww.....u have talent in poem writing...keep it up girl...

  2. aku tggu kad kawen anak bongsu pakcik mhd fadzil ni...ahaks~ :D

  3. I comment this while waiting for someone.:P
    it is nice..and full of meaning,
    nice works.:)

  4. bad : kenapa wah2? hehe

    anonymous : thanx for the support.. :) InsyaAllah I'll keep writing..!

    nina : haha tunggu laaa :P

    anonymous : waiting for someone? hehe i hope its a worth waiting.. thanx for the comment anyway.. :)