Saturday, March 5, 2011

Changes in Middle East..

Assamualaikum everyone.. for this entry i would like to express my thought about the changes that happened in Middle East.. it is one of my assignment for Critical Appreciation class and i decided to share it here. i wrote this two days ago and i somehow feel that there's something lacking with this.. i don't know.. may be because its a bit emotionless or may be its too stiff or may be because what had happened was too much that i feel it hard to put it in words.. so here it is..

The smell of corruption interrupt the nation,
The scent of delusion disturb the mission,
It occurs abruptly,
It destroy tremendously,
People take the street to emulate,
The social network to demonstrate,
The evidence of democracy, that is too fake;
The dramatic illusion of wisdom,
Behave in a way of terrorism,
Whisper in the ear of victim,
Who failed to digest the conspiracy,
Every effort turn to a letharghic sigh,
in the condition of an effortless plight,
An air of changes fly across cloud,
Arabian celebrates on what should be proud,
From Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain and Libya,
They started the mission over the year,
The leader fulfill his selfish desire,
He neglected his own empire,
Hand in hand the nation speaks,
They use the highest pitch,
and everything is on the peak...
The clock is now ticking away,
It is succinct that the leader make his way,
The changes should now smell fresh,
The changes should never crash..

see.. i told u.. something is lacking.. hmm what say u?

Till we meet again.


  1. it is nice n good actually,:)

  2. thank u so much.. n thank for the visit! :)but this one is one of the hardest..