Monday, January 31, 2011

Animal Farm..

Salam everyone!

As for this entry i would like to introduce a classic novel, written by George Orwell. A very nice novel where animals are his main character and for this one, i would not tell the synopsis as in an essay synopsis but i choose to write a poem and this poem will tell u everything :)

 this might be the old cover..
 this one is the cover that i have
 this is the dvd cover of the story
and..another cover version of it

....and here is the poem that i wrote for this particular novel...

Animal Farm

On early March gather all the pigs,
With dogs, horses and chicks,
In the big barn they meet,
To hear what the Old Major wants to speak,
Which he had dream in his sleep.

There he gives humans’ habits,
That makes the animal think a little bit,
Old major died in peace,
Mr. Jones needs to be abolished.

Seven commandments are now to be read,
Which also need to be learn by heart,
Everyone should now play their part,
No more play but just work hard,
Like Boxer and his sweetheart.

Everything seems to be fine,
Not until the two swine,
Quarrel to get the highest post,
So that they will able to host,
The only farm that they love the most!

All the animals work like a slave,
But something is in the maze,
Napoleon started to behave strangely,
That makes the animals acted awkwardly,
But Squealer had always been busy,
To convince the dizzy.

Windmill is in failure,
And Snowball is being blame,
Then someone came,
Which had a trade with Napoleon the vain,

Everything started to be in mess,
Everyone will now just hope for bless,
This is just a simple test,
That will give the animals the best!

Happy Reading! 
Till we meet again!
Assalamualaikum.. :)

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  1. hey i love this book too! tapi yg dah translate... i have this very old Malay version of Animal Farm, yg dlm Malay is Negara Haiwan. very nice book though! hey, just found ur blog! feel free to follow mine!