Monday, January 31, 2011

Another Untitled Poem

This one is written in Critical Appreciation class where we need to come out with 8 poems which we were given the theme before hand. so this one i bet i put it under the first love theme which to be honest its not related to any first love story of mine but i wrote in a sense that people get hurts during their first love.. so i somehow wrote this poem in the sense of being realistic and may be with some essence of altruistic.

Yesterday was a history,
and it's not misery,
you were still around,
and Merry still go round,
i danced like no one see,
i live like there's only u n me,
i dreamed of how it will always be..
Sudden thunders strikes across heart,
which means u n me are now apart,
i now, no longer your baby,
no one to be called as honey,
no one to be pampered as bunny..
i miss your face,
and i know you are at the ace,
Happy coming fortune,
where only me know the tune...

The image i bet show some kind of pen off situation where instead of putting down your pen, u actually take off ur spectacles and put it on the table...

Happy Reading!

Till we meet again!
Assalamualaikum.. :)

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